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How will I know if a job is open for recruitment?

The most efficient way to find out which jobs are currently open for recruitment is by logging onto our website at and scroll to the bottom of the page at Career Opportunities and click “Get Started”.

How do I find out the job duties, requirements and type of exam for the job I am interested in?

Each job for which we are recruiting has a "Job Description" that is available during the online application process. The job description is an excellent source of information that lists the duties of the job and the minimum requirements.

When will I receive a response from my application?

Currently, only applicants who are determined to be qualified will potentially receive a response from the District. Applicants are determined qualified if they meet the screening criteria set by the recruiter for the open position. The District usually receives a large number of applications for each job opening; the screening process can take a while after the closing deadline posted on the job description. Please be patient. We want to ensure each application is given consideration for the opening.

Why didn't I get an interview if I met the requirements on the posting?

Due to the large volume of applications, it is often necessary for the recruiter to screen beyond the minimum requirements of the posting. Recruiters may screen additional years of required experience, specific licenses or certifications, and additional education requirements as well as recency of experience and stability of employment.

Do you require drug testing, background checks and physicals?

TCAD does conduct pre-employment drug testing. In most circumstances, applicants must report to the testing site within 24 hours of being made a contingent job offer. All job offers are contingent upon successfully passing the later phase of our pre-employment screening process which may include: a mandatory pre-employment drug test, a criminal background check, pre-employment physical and employment verification checks. TCAD will conduct a criminal background check on each prospective employee.

What type of benefits does the District offer?

The District currently offers medical, dental, vision, life, and short and long term disability insurance for all full-time employees who are eligible to receive benefits. Retirement benefits are through the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System. Click HERE to see our current pay and benefits. 

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